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Well Im here

Im in NY! woo hoo! im having an awesome time with my loving mate, Tavis *murr*
my mom is being super annoying though. she left for boston today but up until then she keeps calling tavis' mom and stating a *new rule* taht we have to follow. yesterday she called 8 times and said something about putting a curfew on us? yeah right like thats gonna happen. tavs mom is just humoring her now, and i talked to mom and she finally just said *okay well whatever mrs. delahunts rules are, you go by*. thats the end of that chapter *pounces on tavis*

last night i hung out at the theatre with tav and his friends. they took the trailers from old movies like hey arnold/snowdogs/undercover brother and they spliced them together to create this totally funny mini movie! LOL! i cant wait to see it, i just helped/heard the suggestions and story lines of how they were gonna put it together. heres an example.
scene of eddy murphey laughing,
cuts to undercover brother looking pissed
cuts to samuel L jackson looking pissed
cuts to blade looking pissed
cuts to eddy murphey laughing again.

its star studded as tav's friend russ said, lol!

Then last night we also raided the *claw* machine. you know, theo ne with the shitty toys you cant get out with that crappy claw. we broke into it and fished out what toys we wanted. Tav got clifford the big red dog, i got a batman doll *drool*

i havent seen many of the sights lately just been wandering around the city and stuff a bit. were going to the balto statue on wednesday *yay!*
were gonna make a day of it.

we went to the Vans Warped Tour and i got to see my favorites bands EVER....FIVE IRON FRENZY AND BAD RELIGION! *woo hoo!* oh god...I didnt realize how cute Reese Roper was *drool* Tav and i had a great time and i got some t-shirts and stickers i cant get on their website. god it was so fun, but ive never seen so many drugs in one place! im used to just seeing hippies smoking pot at Earth Fair, but there were like...full on coke addicts there and whatever! *eep* ah well. And it was on Randalls Island *heh, wish there was a Dante's Island* so it was INCREDIBLY dusty! in the moshpits, people were kicking up huge clouds of dust and it got in my lungs and i was miserable all weekend *cough*
ah well...small price to pay for absolute heaven. =)

Tavis and have gotten some MAJOR snuggle time in *murr* ive really needed it. ive missed him like crazy, i dont know what id do without him.

He even gave me a special ring *which is too big, its his, so i wear it on my necklace* it has real diamonds in it =) he says its a symbol that we love each other and never want to be apart. in return i of course gave him my lucky guitar pick which i give NO ONE unless i am seriously in love with them. only one other person has had it. Branden...and i had a convo with him today actually coincidentally. totally caught me off guard.

Seraph182: well well, how have you been?
*crap, whats he doing on?*
NicoleSD: hey! youre home!
NicoleSD: good, did chris give you my letter?
*if he gave you the letter i wont have to explain anything*
Seraph182: no, i'll get it today
NicoleSD: okay good.
NicoleSD: guess where i am
Seraph182: no idea
NicoleSD: *seeinga s how im talking to you the letter wont be much of a surprise*
NicoleSD: New York
Seraph182: yeah
Seraph182: i figured you were somewhere far away, but i forgot where
NicoleSD: its really fun
Seraph182: cool, what have you been doing
*wouldnt you like to know*
NicoleSD: im here visiting my boyfriend and meeting his parents. right now hes at work. he only has to go in for 2 hours
*hurry home love, help*
NicoleSD: well..i have yet to see most of the sights.
Seraph182: that's cool
NicoleSD: ive seen the statue of liberty from the water
NicoleSD: im staying on staten island
Seraph182: i saw the grand canyon from the air the other day
Seraph182: that was pretty cool for me
*good for you i dont give a fuck, been there done that*
NicoleSD: mom came with me but shes going to boston...she has a husband there
NicoleSD: oh neato!
Seraph182: yeah, she told me
*when did SHE talk to him and what the hell did she say anyhow?*
NicoleSD: thats awesome =) i saw all the 4 ecosystems of california the other day from the plane
NicoleSD: it was weird
Seraph182: hmm, that's cool
NicoleSD: ocean, mountains, desert, plains
NicoleSD: so what have you been doing now that youre back home?
Seraph182: i saw a bunch on the way home
NicoleSD: seems like im going to be just missing you
Seraph182: oh not much, just hanging out getting away from the military for a few days
Seraph182: it's wierd
NicoleSD: thats understandable
NicoleSD: how so
Seraph182: i always feel like i have to be doing something
Seraph182: and seeing everybody is awkward, i almost want to go back
NicoleSD: aw
Seraph182: i miss always having something to do that is really important
Seraph182: and i wish i could se you
NicoleSD: yeah...well when you go from one extreme to another its always hard
Seraph182: but i knew i probably couldn't
NicoleSD: i wish i could see you too but timing was just bad this time
*too bad so sad*
Seraph182: yeah, oh well, i can come home for christmas
NicoleSD: heh..i might be here for christmas =P
*seeing my BOYFRIEND thank you*
Seraph182: well, i'd hate to go, but i'll read your letter today and i miss you and i can't wait to see you soon, i g2g to the dry cleaners to pick up my machinist mate 3rd class you
*i hate it when he does that*
NicoleSD: depending on when you come out..i might leave the beginning of my school break
NicoleSD: love you too branden
*what else do i say without seeming rude?*
Seraph182: oh, ok
NicoleSD: wait..
NicoleSD: hows your girlfriend
*thats right change the subject nicole*
Seraph182: sarah, she's doing good
NicoleSD: thats good
Seraph182: hows tavin?
NicoleSD: happy for you
NicoleSD: tavis
NicoleSD: hes perfect
*unlike someone else i know*
Seraph182: yeah, i know, my finger slipped
NicoleSD: i got a private screening of "signs" the other night
Seraph182: so is sarah, i miss her alot
NicoleSD: he works in a movie theatre
Seraph182: was it good?
NicoleSD: VERY, you HAVE to see it branden
NicoleSD: scared the shit outta me
NicoleSD: quit smoking?
Seraph182: i saw k19 twice, since that's exactly what i'll be doing on the ship
Seraph182: tryin!!
Seraph182: scared the hell outta me
NicoleSD: oh eep. i didnt see it but i know what its about
Seraph182: go see it
NicoleSD: tavs trying to quit smoking again. mom stressed him out so bad he started again, but now hes just down to one clove every 3 days
NicoleSD: okay i will
NicoleSD: moms beein hella annoying
Seraph182: cloves are good, i smoked djarim's
Seraph182: for a while
NicoleSD: never heard of it but then again im sXe
Seraph182: smell like cinnamon
NicoleSD: heh, these smell like black licorice
NicoleSD: and *christmas* as tav says
Seraph182: cool
Seraph182: ahhhh
NicoleSD: yep yep
NicoleSD: hey..wait..
NicoleSD: you wanna see my artwork
*bragging time, proof that i CAN succeed without him*
NicoleSD: at least so you have al ink so you can check it later
Seraph182: yeah, sure

NicoleSD: okay just a sec
Seraph182: k
Seraph182: so you still being a "good girl"
*sure, i know you havent been good though*
NicoleSD: VCL - Thornwolf
NicoleSD: im a good girl
Seraph182: k, let me check it out
NicoleSD: you a good boy?
Seraph182: i'm tryin
NicoleSD: heh, hard isnt it
Seraph182: wow, is that all yours
NicoleSD: yes, i drew all of it
Seraph182: yeah, you have no idea, and i must say, i haven't been totally good
*well what the hell then? its either one or the other*
Seraph182: that's awesome
NicoleSD: i dont wanna know
*no really, i really dont, ew*
NicoleSD: but i think i know what you mean and i think ive been the same way
Seraph182: yeah, i'm sure
NicoleSD: ive been *almost bad* but not quite bad
*what the hell does this mean? i dont even know, i think im just talkin to hear myself*
Seraph182: i have
NicoleSD: once again *plugs ears and hums*
Seraph182: the lion is awesome
NicoleSD: its not my business to meddle in others affairs
NicoleSD: thank you =0
NicoleSD: i mean =)
NicoleSD: This is my fave
Seraph182: i understand, i wont gross you out
NicoleSD: heh
Seraph182: these are funny
NicoleSD: its not a matter of grossing me out its just a touchy subject and none of my business. im not your girlfriend
*i dont think i could stand to be anymore*
NicoleSD: which?
NicoleSD: the Muttropolis 'toons?
Seraph182: ohhh, sorry, won't bring it up again!!, the cwcharge, and others
NicoleSD: lol! *hugs* its fine
*its not good to piss off a navy guy*
NicoleSD: lol thanks
NicoleSD: those are conversations i have with some of my buds, they have their own charactesr
NicoleSD: *characters
NicoleSD: This is tav and i..and i swear to god this is what i feel like right now
NicoleSD: its SOOO different out here!
Seraph182: ok, well i g2g, but i'll e-mail you, luv you
NicoleSD: luv ya too
NicoleSD: ciao for now bran

Its not that i dont love him like a friend or anything but more often than not hes like the older brother that just bugs the hell outta me, and i dont need that at all. I just need my Tavy and my friends and idont need to be looking back into the past. i am truly happy for him that he has a girlfriend but in the back of my mind i know it wont last. i just hope he doesnt come after me again cuz well..its just not gonna happen. Not now, not ever.

Bran if youre reading this no hard feelings you just make me feel awkward

But anyhow, im still waiting for Tav to get home.

I worked on a bit of my commissions yesterday when i went to work with Tav.
Pardo, i started yours, im almost to the inking process.
im sure all of you understand that it hasnt been on my priority list this week im getting settled and stuff. im also working in order from who gaev me their check first. Arbey, i have your marker drawing, do you want me to just mail that to you now? or should i wait till i haev the other one done too?
just curious.

Jerry gonna be sketching yours out when i get a chance i need to buy some big paper so i can transfer the image onto the bristol. *whatever...hard to explain..youll just see the final lol!*

im gonna go check out the action on TIB. see what mayhem ive missed.

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