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what an expensive waste

why do crappy artists who dont shade ANYTHING anyways buy prismacolored pencils. its not the pencils that are going to make you draw better, not to mention youre wasting a lot of money on something youre not even using properly. shade shade shade..we love to shade....
also i notice a lot of people tend to GRIND the prismas into the paper to get a "solid" look. you dont need to press that hard really, not to mention theyre rather soft so youre breaking off a lot more than youre using and have a chance of damaging the "lead" on the inside, preventing future use of the pencil *a pain i know all too well from improperly storing mine*

im hesitant to replace my prismas cuz theyre so expensive and i often catch myself thinking "Thorn? are you REAAAALLY going to use this? dont you want to practice with something a little less expensive so you dont fuck up?"

but then again, when i first started face painting i bought the most expensive stuff rather than the watery kind, even though i was a beginner. but also thats a helluva lot different. if you buy the inexpensive stuff, people tend to have an allergic reaction to it, not to mention it doesnt stick on =P youre better off buying the expensive stuff cuz theres a huge difference in quality/texture.

as far as colored pencils go, i find that crayolas work just fine when youre just trying to "color" something for colorings sake, but for shading, prismas are wonderful. so..stick with the basics if youre a "coloring book" artist. my word of advice. youll save money that way.

Thorn, the money-grubbing art whore
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