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Tav's in the city, celebrating the end of finals. wish i was there.

i really miss NY. sure it smells bad compared to cali and the weather sucks ass but..ive started to think of it as a second home i like it that much.

next time i go there im going to make a to do list. first on my a hot dog. dad keeps telling me to do that but the first time i was there i forgot about it and we went to eat at the restaurant below the empire state building anyways *swanky swanky* and last time i was there there was snowstorm after snowstorm and we didnt feel like taking the ferry to the city and walking around in the cold. *well, he could have handeled it just fine im sure but theres no way in hell i wanna do that on my vacation*

boy i really need to toughen up.

NY to do list:
-buy a hot dog
-Bronx zoo
-go see where the WTC was *didnt go last summer cuz it was still icky and chinese people were selling souvenirs..thats just not right at all..*

hurry home pup. i miss you.
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