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dont tell me what to do!

i can go to any damn art school i want to. art institute, does not count as a "top choice" in my book. i sent my portfolio to the college board they gave me a 4 out of 5. they RARELY give out 5's and a 4 is pretty damn good, and ive improved TONS since then! i went to national portfolio day and showed my stuff to pratt, sva, otis etc etc and they all passed me with flying colors, so why shouldnt i be able to get a good education work in the biz? i think by getting a better education than at AI id have a bit more options open to me. *no offense to those who went to just bitter towards them at the moment*

i hate it when people make me feel like i know NOTHING just cuz im 18.

i hate it when people basically tell me that the way im going is a dead end when they themselves are doing something that, despite their training, is less than what theyre capable of and they have the nerve to tell me how its going to be.

this goes for a lot of people. im a bit aggravated >=/

let me do my own thing. only give me your damn opinion if i ask for it. ive been involved in the art world all my life and have a pretty darn good idea on how it works, not to mention i was raised around the advertising community, so all in all, i think i have a bit of an advantage over most who just woke up one day and decided "hey, i wanna go to art school!" *yes i know people like that*

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