An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans


NicoleSD: yes
NicoleSD: whos this
NicoleSD: oh, hi
NicoleSD: sorry
SHROYERTOW: I dunno what I did to all the people at the forums, but Winter said that he'd ban me If I didn't straighten up. But, I'm trying to let off a little, but I just think he doesn't like me period.
NicoleSD: look at it this way, when i get miffed, people wonder, and then they come to my defense
NicoleSD: dont ask me to help. cuz honestly, im on vacation and i havent been to the boards recently. i dont like drama
SHROYERTOW: Well, that explains it all. Then, people just need to lighten up, huh? (in my opinion.)
NicoleSD: well you came to the boards on a bad note
NicoleSD: i had already come to the boards and complained that you were asking too much of me, then you joined. so people already had it in that frame of mind *ooo, iditarods bugging thorn...*
SHROYERTOW: Yup, I think you're right. Do you think I should try harder? I'm not what people think. Can't they just give me a chance?
NicoleSD: i say you wipe the slate clean. post a thread in either the whatever forum or real life happenings stating how you feel. but be sure to tell them i said to do so, otherwise i dont think theyll believe you quite honestly
NicoleSD: oh and make sure you read the FAQ's and be on your BEST BEHAVIOR for awhile
NicoleSD: you know...keep cool so as not to bug anyone
NicoleSD: thats the only way to win peoples trsut
NicoleSD: *trust
SHROYERTOW: Sometimes I just don't know how to act around some people. I'll start that thread, too.
NicoleSD: okay
NicoleSD: ill post this in my live journal
SHROYERTOW: Thanks for the help : )
NicoleSD: np
NicoleSD: just be careful in the future i know youre only 11 but still...courtesy counts
SHROYERTOW: Yeah, you're right again

Moral of the story, i've made my peace. give them a chance but if they keep breaking the rules its out of my paws
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