An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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um. what?

ive been thinking. why on earth do they call NYC "the big apple?"
for some reason when i think of NY i dont think of produce *especially since hardly anyone there has ever seen an avocado in their lives much less be able to provide decent guacamole >_<*

thats just one of those odd names ill never get.

also..why is New Jersey the garden state? when i think of Jersey i think of factories and small towns and stuff. but thats probably because thats all ive seen when i went there...but still.

isnt san diego called "californias first city" or something like that? its called something weird. but if it was called californias first city i bet i can seriously prove that thats untrue. what about san francisco?

people are weird. =P
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