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last night at work my manager goes "NICOLE!!!!!!" and everyone stops and looks at me, so i run up to him and go...yeah?
he ignores me.

tim looks at me and shrugs, sam taps my manager on the shoulder and points to me and he goes..."yeah? you need something?"

i said "well, you called my name didnt you?"

he goes, "um. no... i said PORK!"

great. my name sounds like pork. the weird thing is, everyone else heard "nicole" too, so its not just me..weird huh?

i just woke up. ive gotten exactly 12 hours of sleep and it feels soooooo good =)
what woke me up was one of the golfers outside my window. * i live next to a golf course.* i swear, every saturday when im trying to sleep its "FOUR!!" or "DAMMIT!" or "OH JESUS!" or "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!"

we have some really bad golfers here. =P

today is homework day. actually this whole weekend is homework weekend. not too bad..cuz its a 3 day weekend. go me! =)
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