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for some reason i cant sleep in this morning. maybe cuz its a week day. no matter, tiffalynx and i are going to Laguna Beach to hang out today. ever since our art classes its been like THE place to chill. *good god i sound like a bop* i love the beach. im going to get some "india" scented incense when im there. theres a new age shop that i like to go to, they dont have much stuff, but they have some great scents =)

and for those of you wondering, yes, im obsessed with my home state =) (psst..its california! how could i not be obsesssed?)

i didnt get all i wanted completed yesterday, but its because i was gone for a good half the day. i went to see a lady about a room for rent. can we say craptastic? but you know what i realized? im not going to get anything better. im really not. so i looked into it for other reasons, but found that it was in a bad neighborhood *ie: Normal Heights, which is 'not so normal'* and i saw quite a few shady looking people loitering in the neighborhood. not to mention its lightyears away from any college id like to go to, and there is NO way in hell im ever going to go to an inner city school. little teeny girl + gang bangers = not a good mix. and im not exaggerating. dads an ex SDPD cop and even said its really not a good idea sooooo i think this time im gonna listen to him.

on the plus side id get to keep my dog. and the room is pretty nice and has a tv hook up. i just dont feel safe there, i dont think the locks are very good and everything is falling apart. not to mention id have to share a bathroom with the lady who lives there and that can be quite interesting. if i did anything it would probably be for the summer anyhow. maybe i can just tough it out at moms house? i dont know. im still debating. Tavis doesnt want me to live there because its in a bad area... im going to look elsewhere. i got a bad vibe. at least the lady was really nice =) she made us carne asada with a grill you practically had to start by rubbing 2 sticks together. good effort *thumbs up* it tasted good though and moms friend was there so i talked to her a bit.

mom really embarrassed me though. i dont get it. shes trying to get this lady to think im the bees knees and a good renter and she starts telling her all the problems we have with each other. WTF?! good job mom. but i told her it was annoying and she stopped. she didnt understand why i got so upset that shes yammering away about personal matters >_<
i dont think "mom i like to keep to myself" registers sometimes. but thats okay, were just different people i guess.

we then went to see Bruce Almighty. GOOD movie =) go see it. now. no really....ill wait..*taps foot*.

ok gonna go finish some stuff up. i really hope tiff is driving today, i think she is...hrm...*ponders*. Tiff ill make sure we have change for the toll roads!
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