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any religion that has to harass you to get you to join is not worth it

The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. its just me and tiff anyhow and those dumb mormon bible salesmen who interrupted my sleep plans! *still has jet lag* at least Tav is meeting his sleep goal...

NicoleSD: fucking mormons woke me up this morning
Tiff3903: hahahaha
Tiff3903: omg
Tiff3903: lol
Tiff3903: im sorry
NicoleSD: they called me and are like *hello this is nicholas from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints* and i go NOT INTERESTED! AHH!
Tiff3903: haha
NicoleSD: i had plans to sleep
Tiff3903: did you say AHH!?
Tiff3903: seriously
Tiff3903: what time?
NicoleSD: 9
NicoleSD: fuckers
NicoleSD: yes
NicoleSD: and whatever happened to the guys on bikes coming door to door
NicoleSD: it didnt work then, what makes them think the phone will be any better
NicoleSD: if i want a fucking mormon bible ill call their 1800 number on my TV screen
Tiff3903: haha seriously
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