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DC I LOVE YOU!!! *hugs da serval*

DC you are such a sweetheart!!! thank you so much for the e-card! *snugs* happy graduation to you too and have TONS of fun in Estonia =) *has yet to find that on a map* you know the funny thing about that particular artist Lee Kromschroeder? i met him. yep! he actually keeps a lot of his artwork in a wildlife art gallery here in san diego i frequent and actually had a chance in becoming a part of..*but i didnt want to get involved cuz that meant the gallery had to keep some of the meager money i made and id have to keep cranking out artwork* but hes really sweet and allowed me to visit his private studio in rancho santa fe. i even got him to critique some of my stuff and see some of his works in progress. one was a baby gorilla eating wild celery. *soooo cute!*

so yeah, that card meant more to me than you probably intended it to. thanks so much though *hugs*
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