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more googlisms

for me and tavis. try it yourself! go here

tavis is a fag man *LOL!!!!!*
tavis is just the kind of person who has his hand up pobbles ass 24/7 thats why he's so annoying
tavis is probably the best african american journalist on the scene
tavis is sooooooo babelicious
tavis is not amused
tavis is going out with his sister
tavis is a relic of a recent project
tavis is a worthy competitor and the action between these to buddies went on for two long laps
tavis is just like another sister to me
tavis is like a father figure to me
tavis is fun to crush on but i wanna marry a dude like dan
tavis is like losing a family member

nicole is busting out all over
nicole is tv's hindenberg
nicole is the epitome of the word intensity
nicole is definitely my longest
nicole is soon chosen above such names as tina arena & lara fabian
nicole is lynx’s mom
nicole is tonite's flasher
nicole is dancing
nicole is still dancing
nicole is a shakankay ho
nicole is in touch with her filipino family
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