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guess who has a global ezboard account?

I DO! =)

now this is some crazy stuff. i contacted the EZboard help team and have been contacting one of their representatives off and on about this problem. first we thought the problem was someone stole the account recently and hasnt posted anything at all. then he found out it was registered to some guy, and Fenris thought that maybe that guy was Mas when he tried to help me register the account. no dice..
so then we found out that this guy had this account registered over a year ago and it was through a glitch that it said it was available to me at one time and thats why i was able to register it in the first place.
so the representative contacted the dude asking if i could have the account. he said no. i was bummed. but then he contacted me again and said the guy misunderstood and thought that he was referring to his other account, "Thornwolf13". so he went ahead and let me have the name "Thornwolf" after all.

so yep yep. this rocks =)
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