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yesterday...and some art-ness!

but first, a quiz..Wolf Furry
(Sara Palmer)

What Kind of Furry Are You?
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as if you had any doubt...

took my civics test yesterday, i seriously think i did really good! and it was a final, so, thats a definite plus. =)

Screen Printing
i also did my presentation in screen printing but i was nervous i was going to get an F because the person i interviewed was a complete jackass *in the words of Mrs. Whitehead...not mine..*
because my partner totally bailing on me last minute so i had to do the entire project myself, heres all the stuff i had to do:
-ask him 25 questions and get decent answers, enough to make a report about it
-get pictures of the shop
-layout of the shop which i have to turn into a Freehand Document
-get a printing sample *like a shirt or a sticker..*
-get an application
-get a business card
-make a thank you card

and heres what he gave me..
-when i asked him the 25 questions he only gave me one word answers, claiming he was too busy *why would he make the appointment in the first place if he didnt have time to be interviewed, and also there was no one there but me* when i asked him what kind of emulsion he uses, he said "i dont know" i dont know??? keep in mind this guy is not only the manager, but his father OWNS the chain of print shops. i asked him "are you sure?" he goes "i dont know...caterpillar films."

folks...the correct term is "capillary". he said "caterpillar." =P
-after saying he would, he quickly changed his mind about letting me in the back of the shop to take pictures
-since he wouldnt let me in the back of the shop where the printing lab is, i couldnt get a layout of the he DREW ONE OUT FOR ME! now it wouldnt be so bad if i could read his writing, but you see...hes originally from russia and though he speaks fluent english, his writing is lacking >_<
-he wouldnt give me a printing sample and said the pictures would suffice..*i took some pictures of the displays*
-i asked him about an application. he siad "we dont have any". i said.."you dont have any? what if someone comes in asking for a job?" he goes. "make your own." 0_o wtf?
-he left before i had a chance to ask him for a business card, so i just took one.
-as far as the thank you note goes, after Mrs. Whitehead heard my report, she agreed with me that he didnt deserve a thank you card, so i threw it away.

i also did not appreciate the fact that he was only nice to me until he found out i had a boyfriend. pig >=/

there were 2 groups that went to the same place, and because of our horrible experiences, Mrs. Whitehead gave us 100 percent on the project. =) cant complain with that!

apparently Mrs. Whitehead met the guy before when he came into her shop carrying a box which he plopped down in the middle of the printing lab. she says "whats this for?" he says "its for the students to put their ideas into the box and whichever design 'wins' gets printed at my shop."
she says "and this is supposed to teach the kids....what?"
he says "it teaches them how to be creative and use designs that actually work."
mrs whitehead says "i think my students ARE being creative in this class, and the whole point of them making their designs is so THEY can print them. thats not teaching them anything. if you need designs, hire your own graphic artist instead of mooching off these kids."

ohyeah, and he hired someone from her class, she worked there for a month and they wouldnt pay her. so her mom made her quit and DEMAND a paycheck and they still fought her for it. theyve been in russia too long =P

this was interesting. none of the students finished both of the animation assignments so the majority of the class will end up with a C, much to the displeasure of Mez, the teacher. i finished my werewolf flame cycle animation though, heres a frame of it

and it turned out rather well, i even had time to add sound.
what really was pretty..well..not good..was this short fat black sophomore named Brandon *he pisses me off..i hate him. he makes everyone misrable with his racist comments about chinese and white people and russians name it, he makes fun of it.*
he asked his friend "So are you going to go see the FAG and the furious?"
his friend says "what?"
and he says "Are you going to go see the FAG and the furious?"

well. that just did it. not only is Mez gay and does not tolerate hate speech of ANY kind...but he was also standing right behind him when he said it. 0_o

so Mez says "that is IT Brandon! Ive been tolerating hate speech from you ALL SEMESTER LONG!!!! and for you to say that just now was completely unnecessary!!"
Brandon *while not even looking at mez but instead working on the computer diddling around in photoshop* " sorry. i didnt mean to say it. aww god."
Mez: "Apparently you DID mean to say it because you said it TWICE!"
Brandon: "no..yeah..well..sorry."
Mez: "what a GREAT way to end the semester. we have 10 minutes left of class and you just totally blew it right there. ive had enough of you....
im SOOOOOO proud of you *sarcasm*, in fact..*looks to class* im so PROUD of ALL of you!! "
me: *thinking*way to go Brandon you just got us all in trouble with only 10 minutes of class to spare.

but no one said anything. we were quiet until the end of class. i just went in to Mez's office and gave him a hug and said i was so happy to have him as a teacher and i couldnt have asked for a cooler one. he apologized, i said no apology necessary. im going to be visiting him and Snid, my fine art teacher and my screen printing teacher, Mrs. Whitehead, a lot next year. them and Brick, my bio teacher, are the only ones i really care about. i think ill write them all nice letters. we have a great art department =)

After School
After losing Jaime and losing Liz we all somehow found each other and drove over to Tiffs house to pick her up so we could all go to Carlsbad *heh heh..c-bad* to eat fish and chips by the beach. Was a nice drive, didnt get us killed..*obviously* but the back seat in my car is VERY car-sick worthy. Jaime had to sit in the front cuz shes really tall and if she sits in the back she has to take her hair down and arc her neck to the side so shes not ramming her head against the cieling, but that means that Tiffany, who gets queasy by just not driving, had to sit in the back which is far worse than the front and was a mess. no they didnt puke but they were miserable the whole way there, and i felt really bad. Jaime sat in the back on the way home and i think she felt a bit sick too. i think its just cuz were used to driving and well, my car kinda moves a lot. tiny cars make things a helluva lot worse for some reason. ick. a few months ago i threw up on my way to lake havasu cuz i was in the back seat and i havent thrown up in i totally sympathize.

the fish and chips were GOOOOOOOOOOD! buta fter i ate all my shrimp and liz ate all her shrimp and was picking off the remaining meat off everyone elses shrimp nubs, Jaime had one more shrimp left which we all watched her eat, giving her sad puppy eyes, so she ate it by a pole so she couldnt see our pathetic faces =) tee hee!

we walked around for a bit, getting hollered at by guys as we walked down the street..oh wasnt directed at me or anyone else, just tiffany..i swear we should put a bag on her head lol!

Liz: now whered we put that bag? *thinks*

we went to the store formerly known as Salty Sister *or is it Sistah? who cares?*
and i got some shark teeth while everyone else looked at sunglasses. yeah. take me to a remote surf shop and what do i get? shark teeth >_< im so predictable.
there was this sticker that said
"hey kid, you REALLY should have been here YESTERDAY" and tiff and i didnt get it, so James explained it, and tiff got it but i still didnt get tiff took a picture of me holding the sticker and being confused. *and i still dont really get it..but whatever.*

we also got some ice cream, mmm..., and as we were walking to my car saw someone get pulled over by 2 cops. that was entertaining.

then my wuffy boy called and we chatted for a bit while everyone munched on their ice cream, and then we drove home. but on the way home i realized, hey..i have work in an am i going to drop you all off?!!

so James went to Tiffs house and Liz's dad picked her up from my house and i made it to work with 8 minutes to spare, although thinking about it now, jaime could have come with me to work since her house is sort of "on the way" to a degree. oh well. whatever.

work was hella busy, and i only had to be there for 2 and a half hours. i didnt sit down ONCE! a lie. i did sit down while i was sweeping. yeah. try to get that visual, its funny =)

i was so kickass though, i was zooming around doing everything twice as fast as everyone else and not making a mistake *thats the real important part* so im happy about that.

then i came home and went to sleep about 10:30. yeah. i havent gone to sleep that early in MONTHS! but i couldnt help it.. *yawn*

so yeah. dat wuz some good fun! thanks guys!!!
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