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wow. what fun *sarcasm*

went with James and Tiff to the senior picnic at Poway Lake. that was interesting...bad food bad music, lots of people i dont like, but then there was the goose chasing. yep. there were geese. and we chased them. probably looked like re-re's doing it but it was fun =) we tried feeding em fruitsnacks, but that didnt work out too well. Then i got stuck in the bathroom with the horrible J.C. *name abbreviated* and her disgusting bathroom sounds. SHE PEEKED IN MY STALL TO WATCH ME PEE!!!! WTF?! shes one of those crazy people who has crazy fantasies and is just all around crazy. she was running around the hills at insane speeds thinking she was some kind of dragon or something probably. shes evil. and i thought being a fur was weird. i may elaborate on her later.

got my graduation tickets, bought my grad nite ticket and t-shirt. they only had larges left..*dorks* and this is the SECOND TIME IN A ROW ive had to have a large shirt because of other peoples bitching and moaning. i swear, i try to be polite and not complain but i end up getting screwed over in the end. do they not think there are GIRLS at this school or something? small is the most requested size and there are really huge girls taking their small shirts and wearing them so theyre super tight and spandexy looking when the short people end up wearing the larges and having them go down to our knees. its not fair. *groan* now i have to look forward to being locked in a gym with all my classmates until 5 AM. peachy.

after i dropped off James and Tiff, i went to the bank, cashed some checks, made plans with tavis about coming out there. its most likely going to be in august for those of you who care and need to know *ie: fen and mas* because warped tour is on the 9th at randals island. that should be fun! =)

after that i went with travis and cody to get my oil changed. Jiffy lube was charging 30 bucks and firestone charged me 18 contest. but it took an hour, so we roamed around Webb Park to look at the ducks. thats such a cool pond there, and i saw more turtles in one place than i have ever seen in my life! i didnt think they were real at first! also the ducks there, well, theyre weird. the domestic ducks have been cross breeding with the mallards and creating these GIANT mixed color mallards *pretty interesting* but theyre scary! and theyre stupid, all they do is stare at the rocks. the ducks there also have a lot of problems. i saw one with half a bill, when he was eating you could see his tongue moving cuz he only had a teeny tiny bit of his top bill left *sad* and there was one that was being beat up by the other ducks and it was bleeding, then there was this one giant white duck with an afro. i kid you not..his feathers fluffed up i swear from a distance it looked like he was wearing a hat, but it was like a feather toupee! crazy..
also the people who control the park clip the white ducks' feathers WAAAAAY too short. looks painful..its right down to the quick. poor birdies.

so we went back to travis' house in cody's car, cuz he walked over to his house and grabbed it, and we rode with the top down which i dont like cuz my hair whips around in my face. i had floofy hair by the time we got to trav's house. we had some Tang and then later picked up my car and well, here i am.

im not in a very good mood though. im kind of cranky cuz im tired and i really did not enjoy the picnic. it was fun with my friends but i dont like being forced to see and talk to people. no joke..people came up to me and said "nicole, i NEED to sign your yearbook." and at this point im thinking "who are you? and what makes you think i want you to sign my yearbook?"

i dont know..i think im just so over school its starting to make me feel and act really bitchy. not a good thing but at the same time, big deal. not like anyone talks to me anyways.

im going to write some letters to my teachers thanking them, that should cheer me up. not to mention ig et to cross off a lot of thigns on my to do list *ALWAYS cheers me up..i feel productive*

night all.
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