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ow my tummy - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
ow my tummy
i dont know why but my tummy has been hurting a lot lately. occasionally ill get these REALLY bad stomach pains, and theyll stop for awhile, then start back up again. im having the "starting back up again" moment right now. *groan*

today was interesting. the senior breakfast bagels and muffins tasted surprisingly good. i was really angry that they didnt actually WASH the fruit from mexico before giving it to us highschool students. i affectionately called the grapes "hepatitis nuggets". but the bagels were soft and delicioso =)

then we had to watch the senior slide show that took AN HOUR AND A HALF TO COMPLETE!! honestly. thats a lot of pictures..and they were all of Jane Campbell. i swear, it was like the Jane Campbell Show with special guests, Kelly Chohany and the ASB dancers.

Mr. Gentle *our principal* was being such a nerd. the guy walks around campus acting BEYOND confused as to why these "magic spike haired leprechauns are in the castle of learning". in other words, he has 2 brains, ones lost and the other one is out looking for it. he managed to stand directly in front of the projector for a good 2 minutes blocking the slide show and when people yelled at him to move out of the way he thought they were cheering for him.

went shoe shopping with Liz afterwards for some shoes to match my 8th grade graduation dress. yep. im recycling it, and yep, it still fits. amazing huh? well when you havent grown since 7th grade you tend to keep your clothes. i believe i have some shirts i've owned since 5th grade and no i swear to god i am NOT exaggerating. i have pictures to prove it. same goes for shoes. and i cant blame it on smoking or anything either its just downright pathetic.

we went to 5 shoe stores, 5..before i found a pair of shoes that JUST fit and were JUST ABOUT the right color * i was looking for a white, heeled, sandal type shoe. you wont believe how many they have of those...but are BLACK! no one makes white shoes anymore i swear!!!* and the ones i bought were silver. they match really well though and im content =) and theyre a size and a half smaller than what i usually wear, (theyre size 5) and im amazed they fit perfectly though!

took a shower, hopped online. tavis showed me his mad photoshop skills. i swear that guy can do things with filters ive never seen anyone do 0_o *jealous, but also VERY pleased* and ive found that i really like talking art with him =D

went to work. guys are messy. the toilet overflowed and they tried to cover it up with the rug >_< grr..

ah well. im feeling really nauseous. i think the meat in my soup was bad. rar...that makes me angry now. if i get food poisoning from my own work im gonna be upset, cuz its a really clean place and i trust the cooks. *sigh*

ok. gonna go pray to the porcelain gods and hope i dont throw up..

Current Mood: nauseated nauseated
Current Music: Ben Folds - Not The Same

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thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: June 16th, 2003 09:07 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: The show! :P

hey andrea =)

yeah i know Jane is a sweetie, ive known her since 1st grade, but its just like "there she is..there she is..there she is..."
Kinda makes me wish that my friends sent in a shitload of pics, just to see if they would even make it in. (though i doubt it anyways, its all a big popularity contest im sure)

Kelly is a dork. i didnt read her shoutout, ill have to get my paws on my yearbook and check it out when i get home, do you know what page its on? gawd. thats what i get for not being in ASB, but then again, who would want to hang out with those jokers just to get some yearbook space? not i, thats for sure >_
(Deleted comment)
thornwolf From: thornwolf Date: June 16th, 2003 10:13 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: Guh

wow, that pisses me off =P i cant believe they didnt use your pictures but they used all of janes and all of kelly's *well of course all of kelley's*, i mean, at least YOU made a concious effort *unlike me, what can i say, im a non-photogenic slacker*. then they have NO excuse. as far as shoutouts are concerned, mine didnt make it in nor did any of my friends'. i think that yearbook was not about the school, but about the same 6 people over and over.
whats funny is, if you bug ben lee about it he just about cries and goes "ITS NOT MY FAULT!! *pout*" LOL! poor ben.

at least were out of highschool and therefore out of this kind of drama. little do these people know that this kind of crap doesnt fly in the real world *well..it actually does. thats whats known as "asskissing" but i try to tell myself that to not be so sad about growing up.*
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