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since it will take me awhile to write about Grad Nite, ill just go ahead and talk about lake havasu.

okay, so dad wakes me up at 10:30 AM the day after grad nite. keep in mind we were out until 5:30 AM, i come home, sleep for 5 hours and am expected to drive to the middle of the desert. also, my school is dumb and they keep us there till 5 and say "oh hey, you can pick up your diplomas at 11 AM. be there or dont get your diploma." how stupid is that? so anyways, dad picks me up, we go to Farmer Boys (a drive through diner..its like a dennys only better and its drive!*

and then hit the road. we discussed a lot of wicked cool ideas and stuff and how to start businesses, inventions and whatnot, *as we always do* and Sabby called me!! surprising really, but it was a pleasant surprise =)

im just sorry none of my friends could go with me this time. its really been fun out here! today dad and i bought a buttload of groceries..yeah..just for the two of us...and we also brought my dog out here and we took her on the boat. my dog is a bichon frise/cocker spaniel mix so imagine this little poodle-ish dog wearing a bright yellow life vest with a handle so we can pick her up out of the water...and yeah. its pretty hilarious. =)

we went on the boat today, did some innertubing, drove under the london bridge, saw some really nasty tattoos *Tiff, i saw a guy that has the SAME DRAGON ONE your friend has. BURN! =D *

and now were going to watch...*silver youll love this* Soylent Green. =D hahaha!
ok gotta go. love ya guys!
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