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Amy, Jaime, Tiff

i just got my grad nite pictures back. i have them on a CD Rom for easy scanning. we have to get together to show off pics, no excuses. =)

Dad and i just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey. man oh man was that good. a little boring at times, but good. Kubrick is insane...
everything made sense up until Dave shut H.A.L. down then im like "buh?" i had to get Tavis to explain it and its still a bit iffy. maybe ill have to watch the sequel or read the book..although i highly doubt id ever catch myself reading this summer.

must...draw.....inspired...!!! wow, i should really value my art supplies more. im seriously going crazy.

dad and i have been having a great time though. we were going to make ribeye steaks for fathers day but due to the all day snacking weve been doing were stuffed! were going to have shrimp cocktail instead. *mm mmm!* so right now im thawing the sprimp in a bowl of water. god i love crustaceans.

one note though, you wont believe how many times i check everything to make sure a scorpion hasnt made its home in shoe..or my seriously paranoid. after that one scorpion incident ive been more than willing to stomp anything with 8 legs and a stinger ( must have a stinger for me to squish it...ill leave tarantulas alone, so dont worry Klandagi)

gotta go, dad and i are watching war stories, might pop in another movie. lazy days full of doing nothing are so relaxing! =D

now to go find some paper...
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