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Okay, heres the drawings i did while i was in havasu and had no access to a tablet or anything. *roughin' it!*

This looks a bit like WolfMage, but its just really a generic wolf crossed with a generic dragon so.....yep here ya go. scuze me for the lack of background or shading

OMG! i actually attempted to put some background elements into this one. rocks have never been my friend. hope i didnt fail too bad, but i really like the looks of this cat dragon...shes kyoot!

Ok last pic. Falcon bet that Coyote couldn't move that giant rock all by himself, and from the looks of it, Coyote was a bit overconfident thinking that he could actually do it. Looking at it now it kind of visually demonstrates my own personal struggles im going through right now. perhaps i need to knock myself down a few notches and take thing *one pebble at a time*

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