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new characters

As some of you may know, i bought Kura and i both wolf plushies during my visit at the Museum of Natural History with Engel, Wynd and Rein (Dani and Clint). I gave it to him today and we decided to name ours. Then we decided that they were brothers *started out as twin brothers but for some reason his looks more puppy-ish and mine looks older and wiser*
we decided to go with my Cherokee theme *cuz surprise surprise to some of you, im part shows in my eyebrows =P *
and we decided to name them Geyadahi (wild) and Asequui (free).
Geyadahi (pronounced Gay-ah-dah-he) is mine and Asequui (pronounced ah-say-coo-ee) is Kura's. i had pics of them but they didnt turn out. CW i will take more pics of my plushies when i get a chance. never trust one hour photo. they also stole my ladybug porn pic. and i lost the pics of tav hugging the plushes *sigh*
but anyway....
pretty cool huh? i drew a wicked awesome pic of the brothers as weres and im coloring it right now. hopefully ill get a lot done tonight, though im sure i wont be able to finish it. My mates about to call soon..hes had a rough day at work.
In the meantime, i finished this little doodle i did while sitting in the projection booth of Tav's work. hes been wanting me to draw it for awhile.
we always talk about how lucky we are to have each other...then we started talking about lucky charms cereal and well..thats what happens when you get 2 crazy kids talkin about nothing =) i luv my wuffy

yeah i know, isnt that the worst coloring job ever? first off..i did it REALLY quick, cuz its a joke pic. i never spend too much time coloring these cus theyre hard to color. second, for some reason VCL didnt upload it right the first time, the colors were off so i had to alter it again in photoshop. still didnt work. this is the best its gonna get and the colors are all muddled and crappy *sigh* ah well. hopefully my cherokee wolf brothers pic will turn up...
enjoy you guys!
oh and Tav if you read this *hugs* WERE LUCKY!!!!!
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