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LJ Auctions

ok, im going to try and see if this will work or not...

whats going on: im holding an auction through LJ instead of furbid. why? well...i dont know why. i just thought it would be a fun chance for people who actually like getting to know me to grab some cheap art from me at lower-than-auction prices =)

heres the first pic up for grabs

medium: mechanical pencil on printer paper
starting bid: $13 USD

how do you bid?: reply to this post. to outbid someone, respond to THEIR bidding post and so forth. when there have been no more bids for a long period of a day or so...ill do the whole "going once, going twice" thing to make sure people know biddings going to end soon *yeah im making this up as i go.*

i think it sounds fun. =D so, whos up?
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