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more quotes

Bob Hope: a sense of humor is good for you. Have you ever seen a laughing hyena with heartburn?


Tavis: Whats a 'taur?
Nicole: You know, like a centaur, an animal with four legs and 2 arms
Tavis: ohhhhhh a 2X4!


Jaime *after me not answering IM's for awhile*:nicole is dead. her dead pelts strewn about her room have come back as reanimated furry toothy things and consumed her as a being starting with her wee pinky toe.


Nicole *in response to Jaime's last quote*: the faceless coyotes are haunting me and bleeding on my sheets. i told them to get out or theyll have to pay for my dry cleaning bill


Nicole: I have the sneezes.
Jaime: wheres the sock? *the one i use to wipe my nose when theres no tissues available*
Nicole: Theres no sock to be found! oh wait, a tissue, or a tennis ball..hrmm..
Jaime: tennis ball
Nicole: fuzzy snot!
Jaime: 360 degrees of snot. now be bad and go throw it at someone.

thats all for tonight. im sure there will be more =)
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