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*sigh* people never learn

OMG YOO STOLE FROM GOLDIE! ahem..actually i just think this is a REALLY bad rip off..

on another note,and the real reason for this entry, mom gave me 25 bucks to go to Aaron Brothers Art Mart to buy her friend a gift certificate. thats so cruel, to give an artist money to go into the realm of "eternal happiness...okay..eternal art supplies at least" and not buy anyting for her arty farty self? lucky for me i have a bit of extra moolah >=) what to buy what to buy? i loaned my white ink to James, but she is still working on a project and i dont need it right now...maybe it will come to me when i actually get there, *swoon!*

god its like sending a child into a marshmallow factory, something is GOING to get eaten. =P *chews on pencils*

now to get ready to go out to sushi! wish i had a reason to bring my sake glass, its so cute! *waggle waggle waggle*

i had a dream of sushi last night. i was so strange, but i could taste it all, and for some reason i DIDNT want unagi (eel), but i ate all the maguro (tuna), which i love almost as much but still...i usually cant have one without the other.

okay, im starting to drool..shower time!
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