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Thorn is the strong silent type but you do NOT want to piss her off. She can be fun loving and wild but most of the time enjoys observing her surroundings. She enjoys biting, food, and the occasional violent confrontation.
Strengths: Easy to make friends with, easy to win over *especially if you give her sushi*, loving, strong willed, ferocious when necessary and has the tenacity of a small terrier
Weaknesses: Has the attention span of a gnat on crack, so one must keep her interested to keep her focus. She is quick to get angry, but she is also extremely trusting. Fine dining is a must for her and she will do anything for it.
Special Skills: looking pretty, awesome knowledge of Simpson's trivia, good balance *sometimes*,skilled use of a pencil, can communicate with any mammal *including humans, as it is her specialty*, eating large quantities of sushi in one sitting, and the ability to get males to do whatever she wants when she wants.
Weapons: Mind control, powerful fangs, lightning reflexes and powerful legs pack a punch if messed with. She also has the power of interdimentional time travel, so if youre at the wrong place at the wrong time, beware.
Motto: Remember, animals are people too

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in other news, do people just not read my AOL profile before harassing me?

DrakeHammers: hey there! im 22 by poway
NicoleSD: thats cool
DrakeHammers: age
NicoleSD: im 17
NicoleSD: and i have a boyfriend..

and that was the end of the conversation. i guess we all know what HE was looking for. Besides, in my profile it says under Marital Status:
"I love my mate, Tavis =) 2/27/02"

also under my quote it says:
"If youre interested in my youre a *fur*, feel free to drop me a line and no i dont yiff but thanx for asking...and no druggies, drunks or perverts! i AM 17 after all. Oh and if you want to hire me to draw something, you know my e-mail =)"

and under his hobbies/interests it says:
"Partying, drinking, racing my mustang, wakeboarding, snowboardin, the desert or lake, working out, going to the beach, and hangin out with friends, or anything thats fun or exciting"

total opposite id say. oh...and according to his profile, hes "the undefeated teatherball champion at CSUSM". good for him. i weep for the future of america.
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