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itch itch itch..

im itching to just digging my nails *or lack thereof* into the table cuz so many ideas are running through my head and i cant get them down on paper cuz all my art supplies are packed away. *cringe*

like i said, im going to be selling some artwork, but right now i have a balto sticker and a black wolf t-shirt up for auction on furbid, you may want to check that out. both are brand new. *obviously the sticker would have to be* and i made them myself so, yay for originals!

i got my dogs teeth cleaned today, she looks so perdy!! but that meant i had to wake up at 6 to be down in san diego by 8:40. i got there at 8, 40 minutes to spare, so i figured "eh, its early enough" so i went to McD's and got a McGriddle sandwich. heaven in a paper wrapper! i normally dislike mcdonalds and do not support anything they stand for but man oh man was that breakfast sandwich good and i HIGHLY reccommend them to you if you wake yourselves up early enough for breakfast.

i took a 3 hour nap at grandmas house and spent some time with her, then later went to Liz's house and hung out with her and her new boyfriend Matt. we ran some errands, going to circuit city *saw some people i know, but dont particularly like...i never run into any nice people anymore* and then we went to my work and noticed my boss was ignoring me again. i think im going to be putting in my 2 weeks fairly soon here. June and Dad are working their butts off to help me get into a temp. agency. dad watched me type the other night and we talked about it and i think its something id be interested in =) better pay and i dont have to smell like beef!

dad and june and i had some quality time tonight. im really happy here. im realizing that my situation at my moms house wasnt because it was "too crowded". i found this out because i went from a 3 person situation to a 5 person situation and im just fat and happy here. a little displaced, but that will change come saturday cuz the girls are leaving and i get their room. anyone wanna come over? =)

overall dad and i both think it was the tension in the air. but im happy now that i can relax a bit in the good family environment ive always wanted, at least for a little while while i figure things out.

so..dont worry about me. im doing just fine =)
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