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Free turtles to good home!

If you live in California *well, more southern than northern* and like turtles well heres a deal for you:

2, male and female Red Ear turtles only a year old and about 6 inches in diameter *theyre not very big but theyre cute!*
-warming lamp
-lamp timer
-table to put tank on
-on-tank thermometer

all for the decent price of FREE!!

why are we getting rid of them you ask? well, to be quite honest we just dont have room for them and would much rather have them live in a home where theyd be appreciated. theyre really cute and they mate too, so either youll have some good turtle porn or some turtle babies

please let me know if youre interested *by commenting on this journal entry*, were located in lake elsinore, CA *near Laguna Beach* and will drive just about anywhere within the so-cal to north so-cal region to drop these little guys off =)
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