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im wearing red underwear and i started my period. how coincidental. at least they werent white =)

im really enjoying staying with Liz. i just went over to moms house, was able to call Tavis free of charge, spent some quality time with the mother figure, Mike bought me lunch and now im having a nice evening with Liz's mom, Betty.

And, when i get back to junes, i have hooking up my computer to look forward to, not to mention being able to throw some junk away. ta da! yay for success and progress!

ill be able to probably finish and scan that picture ive been working on, put up some auctions and put the finishing touches on some commissions. then, since i have to go down to rancho bernardo for work on monday, i can go to Kinko's, print out Westly's badge and have it mailed by tuesday, wednesday at the LATEST.

yay i feel good, crampy but good =)
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