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i had a great time at Liz's house. Made me realize how much im going to miss her when she goes to Chico. went over to her boyfriends house last night. not sure if i enjoyed myself though. there were 2 girls *me and liz* and 12 guys who all acted like they were 10 *some other girls came over later but they were very slutty and were looking for alcohol, so they left*. had i known there were going to be that many guys over there i NEVER would have gone *shudders*. i thought it was just going to be Matt and maybe a friend of his. luckily they werent drinking though, cuz Matt doesnt allow drinking over at his house, but they were playing video games which is almost as obnoxious. i gave it a shot and i found that i SUCK at Halo *a capture the flag game* i hate those X-Box controllers! =P

Liz taught me how to dance salsa a little, it was amusing, cuz we were listening to spanish music on her TV. hee hee! and we watched the new ren and stimpy cartoons. okay..i have to say this, being a RABID Ren and Stimpy fan since as long as the show has been on the air, i was horrified at the new episodes, not to mention very upset and disappointed. they brought them back alright, but now theyre a gay couple and the writing sucks and the animation is HORRID! remember those disgustingly detailed backgrounds? done away with them. now the show is just an excuse for ren and stimpy to get it on with themselves, make perverted jokes that arent really jokes, but homosexual statements that id believe even a gay person would find offensive, and downright immaturity. Not saying the show was award winning when it first started out, but at least there was a plot! at least my dad and i could religiously watch it together as a father daughter experience and wed know we were watching the most outrageous thing on television. Now id be SO embarrassed to even sit down and watch this with my dad, who can take just about any joke. yeah. its that bad. i can safely say im never going to watch the new episodes again. it totally ruined it for me, and i dont even think that they used the same voices. John K, get your head out of your ass and stop thinking about what YOU want for a second, think about your fans who put those tacky clothes on your back. =P

end of that rant, but i would like to comment that Gary the Rat is just about the coolest show ever! and i must say i find Gary to be quite an attractive rat =) Kelsey Grammar did a wonderful job, and though the animation is CLEARLY done on the computer *as were the original toons flash that is..* the storyline and humor makes up for it and id definitely make a serious effort to watch it again.

Today i have my computer hooked up *yay* and my cell phone turned back on *yay!* and just so everyones clear on this, i get free NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS. not daytime. do NOT call me during the daytime unless its just to get ahold of me for maybe 5 minutes to tell me a quick something or check in..and KEEP...IT...SHORT... if i go over this time theres going to be some serious consequences. if you wanna chit chat with me you are free to call the house line or gimme a quick ring and ill call you back on the houseline OR talk to me after 9:00 or on saturday and sunday. k? get it got it good. =) the way i figure it i have about 20 minutes a day *during the daytime* to use as i wish, but i dont really wanna go over it i wanna keep a 200 minute buffer zone in case soemthing happens and i need to use my cell for a prolonged period of time *ie: car accident..gotta call amy's dad again cuz im stuck in a student parking lot somewhere..AGAIN...=) hee hee *

okay, now im going to finish up some commissions.

PS: Thank you daddy and june for helping me =) *waggle*
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