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wooooo progress!

random note: i find it amusing that in the music industry there exists a Jack White and a Jack Black. and since i hate the White Stripes and am a big Tenacious D. fan...well...ill have to say once you go Black youll never go back. =)

well im doing a good job in keeping my cell phone minutes down. i had a good time talking with my snuggly last night on my *free minutes* =D *huggles!!* i wuff heeeem!

heres what i got done today:
-cleaned off my computer desk
-mailed westly's package (which contains his conbadge,starfinders drawing, the wolfmage drawing and a letter..and the $13 for the wolfmage drawing is going towards chocolate blackberries! =D oh and i sent it PRIORITY so it will get there on time)
-mailed DC's package (yes its late, but youre in estonia anyways so its not like you would have gotten it any sooner =)
-mailed Silver's sticker (i made sure you got one of the better looking ones)
-mailed Kaffe's signed, watermarked and named conbadge

and now im going to get ready for work soon. tomorrow i plan to wash my car, get Jenny a birthday present, go to her little beach party thing *sans swimsuit since im doing the girl thing atm and dont care for tampons* wait for James to finish her driving test..wait no..PASS her driving test so i can kidnap her and take her to Laguna the next day.

then sometime this week i need to organize organize organize! i feel so productive =) *points to mood icon*
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