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More New York-y Goodness

okay yeah ive been putting it off but here are some more details

Warped Tour

Yep, Thorn got to go to the Vans Warped Tour..and it was the greatest concert EVER!!! It has always been my dying wish *well maybe not dying just yet* to see my favorite band, Five Iron Frenzy, perform live. Tav pointed out that not only they would be there but also Bad Religion AND Reel Big Fish AND the Mighty Mighty Bosstones AND MxPx and *drool* so many many more! god it was so wonderful. I even got Five Iron Frenzy and Bad Religion shirts and 3 Five Iron Frenzy stickers. Reese is so awesome! we were close to them too and had a great view of the whole stage and i got to dance around with my mate and sing along just kicked major ass! Bad Religion was wicked awesome too and Tav's shy friend Russ even started singing along =)
I got lots of free stuff, including a mini good charlotte poster which i am giving to my friend Liz. Also got some XXX tattoos which i gave to Tiff.
The odd thing about the concert though was that i have never seen so many drugs in one place!!! coming from California youd think i see this all the time. I will tell you this...California is more of a pot state, when it comes to other drugs, New York is king.
There were people with paper plates snorting coke and i ran to tav im like..eep tav! didja see? didja see? hes like oh *shrugs* yeah. =P !! im so naive. I know nothing about drugs, but i think my friend Liz knows even less. after all..i quote her when i say "oh..he smokes marijuana but he didnt smoke pot" *sigh* *tsk tsk tsk* Liz.
Warped Tour was sponsored by Yoohoo and Spam this year...what a combination. We got free samples =P I had never had spam before but i will admit...when youre starving and delirious, its pretty good. i downed my yoohoo sample like a shot but...sadly its not as good as i remembered. im spoiled with Nesquik =)

Out To Lunch
Thanks to my eating habits, Tav's $500 paycheck went bye bye.
He insisted on taking me to all these nice places and i did say *no really its okay honey, well just go to White Castle, i love those little burgers* but he wasnt going to let me go without trying the foods NY is known for. Im getting hungry just writing this. These are the different things Tav and i ate during my visit:
Real NY pizza *we got meatball pizza*
Sushi....twice *i will admit, it was damn good! i thought california was best at sushi but im starting to wonder now..*
we ate pasta at a restaurant at the bottom of the empire state building *of course, location means they can jack up the price*
White Castle *not exactly fine dining but man oh mm mm!
Several Diners *i still cant get used to the fact that they can make WHATEVER you want and menus are useless*

and of course his mom made some chili that was to die for and really great pasta. His dad threw in some of the really hot peppers he grows in the back yard in efforts to *get me*. he goes "you like spicy stuff?" i said yeah...he goes..."try this" and i ate the pasta, all of it..and Tavs like "dad, she lives 30 minutes from mexico..this is nothing" =)

god i want food now....

Museum of Natural History

My friends Dani and Clint *Wynd and Rein* wanted to hang out with us and meet me while i was in NY. we decided to go to the museum of natural history and wow..what a sight it was! They had real animals there *best taxedermy job ive ever seen* and i got to see how big a moose really is. if you run over one of those things its "poor car" not "poor moose". 0_o
They even had wolves there. It was very sad but also very cool because they were in a running pose and i dont know how they held them up there! amazing...
oh yeah..and the dinosaurs....there were ice age animals there i didnt even know existed! *i know just about every species of megafauna thats in the la brea tarpits..but thats california wildlife* theres lots more out there!
They even had...get this...North Western Indian *inuit* artifacts, including real totem poles!!

Though the museum was wicked awesome, getting there was a pain. Tav and I got there an hour late because our train decided to be *express* that day and skipped the museum stop and went straight to Harlem...worst community EVER *i was scared* so we had to take the train back =P
luckily Dani was late too, and she eve had time to make me a very pretty necklace with a silver feather on it and the beads were made from cut up porcupine quills =) i made her a picture but i left it in the ferry terminal. some homeless person is gonna have some really pretty toilet paper =P so when i got back to staten island i made her a necklace *made myself one just like it too cuz its so awesome*. i still have yet to mail it to her..

anyhoo after the museum *and buying vast ammounts of plushies and astronaut ice cream* we decided to show them the Balto statue. unfortunately it was a hike away =P we went anyways, and along the way we encountered 3 empty bottles of Viagra lying on the sidewalk. Dani said "wow, someone had a good night". =P eeeeww

so yeah, after the balto statue and lots more balto horsey riding *lol* we went down to the subways and went our separate ways. it was so nice meeting them =)

more to come, i have another picture collage in the making...
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