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did you ever stop and think for one minute that maybe im not copying someone, but THEYRE copying ME?

oh yeah, and im not "friends" with people. im NICE to people. theres a big difference. if i let you into my life and tell you my secrets, then yeah, i suppose were friends, but if you just harass me online every now and again and i give you one word answers, chances are im just being nice. i dont have it in me to be a mega-super-bitch to people no matter HOW much they deserve it. its and i refuse to stoop to that level.

also, i dont think people should be giving me shit just because of who im nice to. IM A NICE PERSON!!! and since when was being nice a crime? "omg, youre nice to so and so, you must be best friends, i cant talk to you now."

shut up.

i dont care if this ruins whatever "rep" i have. im a nice person, and thats all that matters. i dont need the ill feelings just because im doing what i feel is right.
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