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too...much...ice cream - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
too...much...ice cream
i just ate a pint of coffee ice cream =P ive eaten a pint and a half straight before..but...i had 2 enchiladas shortly before the ice cream. i really shouldnt do that. especially when im trying to lose NY weight. i gained 8 lbs while i was there. now im 108 =P
luckily i lost 3 this weekend, but i think that ice cream put me up over 110 lol! *sigh* i feel sluggish...

whens tav getting home? *whine* i miss him. i dont wanna go to school tomorrow!
*whine whine whine, bitch bitch bitch*

"Women are like the wilderness: mysterious and full of wolves"~Malcom in the Middle

aint it the truth? im full of wolves...and ice cream *burp* scuze me =D

Current Mood: sick sick
Current Music: scuze me while i kiss the sky

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