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more quotes

Nick: is cottage a cheese?
Bastek: I think Yerf is getting to me
Me: Yerf nakes ne mervous
Kura *after reading me a bunch of song lyrics he wrote*:*notes this is the way I get out frustration so this stuff doesnt stay in my head*
Me: its creative. its better than killing someone and painting a mural with their blood...
Kura: good point
Me: ....*should stop reading excerpts from her dream journal*
Nick *regarding microwaving food*: i don't know if nuking is an accurate term though, because its not like you see a little mushroom cloud over your food each time
Me: imagine if you saw that though? see little japanese people running for their lives out of your microwave?
Me: wow. that was bad. i think im going to go throw myself into an internment camp


on another note i was stuck in traffic today *waiting for someone to turn left on a 2 lane highway* and some dick decides his AA meeting is much more important than obeying the law and he goes around a whole line of cars, and by goes around..i mean he drives in the dirt, IN A DITCH, nearly HITS my car then swerves right in front of me and goes boom booming down the road with his ghetto blaster stereo at full volume. He skids through the stoplight and is out of my life for a good..oh...2 minutes, cuz then i catch up with good ol' mr. boom boom not much later. and guess what..the jerk is stuck at a stoplight and is ONE CAR AHEAD OF ME and has to stay there for 10 minutes while we not only wait for the light to change, but wait for a passing fire engine to make its way across the street. so yeah, moral of the story, dont be a dick just so you can get 11 inches in front of someone.
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