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no ones home/awake to go see pirates of the carribbean with me =*(

god, i come down here for a whole weekend hoping to see my friends and theyre not even around *sigh*

now june is e-mailing me asking if i wanna spend time with her and dad. while thats nice and all, i see them all the time when im up there and i havent gotten to hang out with my friends for awhile and i was hoping to do my own thing this weekend, maybe go swimming, you know, be ACTIVE for once instead of sitting in a car or going out to eat like we usually do. god that makes me sound so ungrateful doesnt it? im supposed to help grandma with her party on sunday and they said theyll drive down on the motorcycle sunday DAY and spend time with me down here.

well..part of the reason im staying down here is so i can go do my thing down here and see people down here, and besides thats a long way for them to go just so they can see me at dinner the next day. *grumble*

god im so lonely

i wanna play!!! =*(

i think im gonna go cry now.
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