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Liz, youre weird - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Liz, youre weird
Okay, so Liz and i are sitting and watching Balto *of course* and looking at my artwork online and she sees the pic of Tav's little punk pup character *this one*

and goes "Oh! He looks like a spunky little pup friend thingy!"
yes...thats quoting her

on a side note, look at what i made!!

yes its a spunky little pup friend thingy as a sprite!

and just cuz i like fennecs....a fennec sprite!
Not for public use but if you want to use my fennec please ask me =)

On to watch more balto, yay! maybe ill do some more fan art...im such a rabid fan. I miss Tavis, we make fun of Balto and Balto 2 together. It would be more fun with him, me and Liz cuz thats what Liz and i are doing now. We pointed out that Rosy sounds like a retard when she gets the sled. "Hur hur hee hur hee hee hur!" or something like that. *snicker*
She also said, in reference to Nikki "I don't like that dog, he looks like a mole with lines on his back!"
Also..when Steele's musher goes "you see those teeth? he might turn on me" in actuality, Steele's teeth are sharper looking than Balto's, so Steele could give a nastier bite than him...hmm...think about it...

AHHH! i just got chocolate all over my shirt from my Violet Crumble candy bar! noooo! It looks like poop! Tasty poop!
Liz~What poop is tasty?
Nicole~ummmmmmm......poop thats....from a Violet Crumble?

Kimbo, please tell me you have Violet Crumbles where you live, after all, they are the Australian Bite! mmm *crunch*

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy
Current Music: Balto Soundtrack cuz im watching Balto, DUH!

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techno4tomcats From: techno4tomcats Date: July 16th, 2002 01:37 am (UTC) (Link)
I do have Violet Crumbles...=P=P


Crunchies are bettoi..er..yes.
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