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im free!

well i quit my job. i think this was the last kick in the ass though:

a couple weeks ago an elderly gentleman came in with his family. he was like..russian or something he had an accent *his family didnt, but he did*. he introduced himself giving me his name, but in the type of voice where its so fast you dont understand it. i said "excuse me?" he said "*his name*" and stared at me. i said "what can i get for you?" hes like " I WASNT ORDERING I WAS INTRODUCING MYSELF!"

long story short, he verbally abuses me by just speaking in a rude tone and talking down to me and saying "DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!" when i wasnt even looking at him..i was looking in the change drawer getting his pennies cuz he paid me 30 dollars in ALL ONES!!!!!!
not to mention after their meal the family tells me hes mentaly crazy, and hadnt taken his medication and that theyre terribly sorry and i just have to put up with him for a little while. he kept harassing me throughout his meal and i bought them a roll just so they would shut up and leave me alone.

so then i think its over.

he comes in 2 days ago *my last day at work*, comes up to the counter, i look up and immediately recognize him. he sticks his face in my face and says his name again. i said "excuse me? what can i do for you?" andhe goes "THAT WAS MY NAME NOT MY ORDER LITTLE MISSY!!!"


so i take his order and while im pressing all the fun little buttons he goes "ha! you thought i didnt recognize you. do you remember me as being a bad customer?"
i said..very shocked i might add.."0_o um..i remember you as being a CUSTOMER but there was no unpleasantness at all."
he goes "riiiight. look at me when im speaking to you. DONT YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! youre scared of me arent you? i can tell. youre scared of me."
i said "im sorry, what?"
"you mean robert?"

so i do. i talk to robert and i say "do i look scared to you?"
he says "yes. sometimes. why?"
i said "that man over there...hes crazy."
he said "oh him? heh...yeah..."
me: "no really. his family told me so."
him: "serious?"
me: "he asked if i was scared of him."
him: "wow. thats kinda intimidating." its not like the guy talked to him about me, he just likes to think hes the BIG MAN and he has power over us weak little employees.
i am SO glad to be out of there, and if i ever see that old man again im going to tell him he was the worst customer i have ever had. hell, he asked didnt he?
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