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Back to school..back to school *in adam sandler voice*

Today was the first day back to school *sigh*
wasnt so bad, it was nice to see the rest of my pack and other buddies together in the same place. *sigh* cept tav but...he doesnt go to my school.

Heres a summary of my day:

Got there, had to register. saw a kid that looked/dressed like edward scissorhands. punk freshman.

Walked around like i owned the place. being a senior isnt much different..ive always done that ;) now it has meaning...

Heather came up to me and announced that some bi/slut named Beth *who coincidentally liked both heather and her brother at the same time* is now dating my ex love interest, Greggy *the ferret* who i was totally broken up about when we..broke it off i guess you could say. shes like *oh we were afraid to tell you cuz we thought youd get violent/sad*
i just said "pff. right...cuz Greg Dengler is SOOO much better than Tavis *rolls eyes*. I've got something better than that slacker. i dont care..the whore can have him, cuz hes a whore himself." and i meant every word =)

kinda makes me wonder why they thought id care. i havent mentioned Greggy at ALL since we stopped dating..odd..

1st: Animation: coolest classroom/teacher ever. Mr. Messerle (or Mez as we call him) is really awesome, and not to mention obsessed with harry potter, lol! He knows me pretty well cuz Kura (Travis), Remy and my ex boyfriend Adam would bring me in there and id sit and draw. He said he likes my style...thats nice to hear =)

2nd: World Lit: nice teacher. Em sits next to me. Her watch goes off every 5 minutes. We discussed all the female teachers shes had a *crush* on. *laughs*

3rd:Screen Printing: i get to make custom shirts and stickers. need i say more?

4th: Econ: boring teacher, but i sat next to Amy and Cody. we played tic tac toe and passed notes and all that childish junk. =)

5th: Photography: we didnt do anything but rent movies take pics and slack off last year, dont think it will change much this year.

6th: off..yes....OFF! no class!! so i took the opportunity to go out with Kura and Jennybunny to lunch at AIBERTOS *mm good mexican food.* got a monster chimichanga that ive only been able to finish once. its so worth it though.
also got some job applications:

wanted to work at a regal cinemas owned movie theatre *like Tavis* that way i can say my bf's a manager. but....the only one close to here is too big and i wouldnt get the friendly environment id get if i worked at a smaller theatre. *sigh*

got applications to starbucks and postal annex. filled em out, turned em in. Theyre like *this is your first time huh* i said..howd you know? theyre like *just a feeling*
do i ooze of newbie-ness?

heather works at postal annex. not sure if thats a good thing or not. well see if i get hired there. it sounds more promising than starbucks...though id love to get free coffee.

Talked to Starfinder today. shes pretty nice, and she likes my style =D

so yeah..right now i have to go work on....stuff..yeah..*looks suspicious* =)
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