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This Entry Is For Tavis

6 months of pure bliss, thats what it is.
8-27-02 is my 6 month anniversary with my mate, Tavis. Some of you may know him as Engel me..hes my Mr. Whiskers, my Wuffy =)

Tavis, i love you with all of my heart. You are my love, my soulmate, my angel. I made this for you to try to express how I feel, but no penstroke could ever capture the love i have for you.

*nuzzles her mate* I love you so much. Its been a half a year, yet it doesn't seem like that long. Ive enjoyed every moment of it, and cannot wait until the day when i can be in your arms again.

Enjoy this, Tavis, and remember, this is one little wolf girl whos head over paws for you *holds her paw up like she did in the airport*

With Love,
AKA Mrs. Whiskers
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