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okay, the subject has come up in quite a few recent conversations with friends and im going to have a little talk in my journal about it now.

the subject: Lack of skill/motivation when applied to a trade/commission.

when i do trades with people, and it is VERY rare, i put my best effort into drawing that persons character. sometimes, i even go out of my way to color something when otherwise it would have just been a black and white drawing. i LIKE being nice. but when they show me their half and its totally half assed and not up to par with their usual stuff, thats when i get pissed. now, i dont flat out tell them its ugly or it sucks, but im thinking it, you can be sure of that, but this is only if its OBVIOUS that its not like their usual stuff and its just a quick rendition to keep me quiet and to say "okay, im done with my half, now gimme yours."

this has happened to me more than once and im not going to take it anymore. what am i going to do to remedy this? no trades. period. im going to finish my trade with Klandagi and after that IM going to be the one asking for trades. *and yes im aware that the trade with klandagi was more of a volunteer type of thing rather than an actual trade, shes such a sweet person =) and a great artist to boot!*

this does not only happen in trades though, it happens in commissions. it really irks me when you pay someone to do artwork in their usual style and then they turn around and EXPERIMENT with a new style/medium, or otherwise half assed technique on your paid assignment. i NEVER do that. i always like to know what im getting into when im trying something new and i ask people what style they want, what medium they want, and save the experimenting for my own time *see the picture i did of swandog, that was new paints, i did it on my own time..and yes it was a gift, but it wasnt a commission*. this ensures quality and the happiness of your customer for god sakes.

too many times have i seen an artist create marvelous works that they spend a great deal of time and effort on but is purely for themselves, then when the time comes that theyre actually being paid for their efforts or even in a trade, they whip something out real quick to "shut them up." now, in essence, artwork is supposed to be an expression of your soul, and yes commissions are just kind of *i take money, i draw* but i think that if youre being paid for it your customer DESERVES quality rather than just quantity dontcha think? not to mention, they also deserve to have updates. saying youll finish a commission when you finish a commission is fine and dandy, as long as you stay in contact with your commissioners and make sure that they KNOW this before they actually hand you money. this prevents a lot of mix ups and "where's my drawing?!" statements.

thats a poor attitude and it will not get you anywhere in the real world i can tell you wait..PROMISE you that.

people will see that you are only out for yourself and not want to ask anything from you for fear that they will get a shit job in return.

now, i try my best to do a good job in every aspect. you do a trade with me, im all over it. you commission me, i send you update sketches, i make sure im doing it right, i dont just finish a crappy looking sketch for the sake of finishing it *fenris knows this for sure, i went through several sketches before i found one that kinda fit the situation she asked for* and yes it may take time but hey, im giving it my best effort.

and this doesnt just apply to the high paying customers either. im doing a $15 commission for someone just for the heck of it, 2 characters, pencil sketch, and ive sketched out like 4 different versions of it before i found something i like, why? because i care about quality.

if youre only going to do artwork for yourself, then do it for yourself, and dont expect people to throw money at you if youre just going to cheat them. >=/

the end.
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