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i like printer paper better than sketchbook paper. ive come to realize that. dad got me this really nice sketchbook that has perferated pages so i can rip it out easily, but the paper causes my pencil marks to smear and smudge and its hard to work on any really detailed pics that way. the printer paper seems to hold the pencil better and doesnt smudge as easily. youd think that if you make a sketchbook thats supposed to be SKETCHED in, theyd make it with paper that didnt smudge so much, but paper thats not meant to really be sketched on holds the pencil better? ugh. people are dumb when it comes to the world of art supplies. i swear if it werent for my computer and dad's sensitivity to my art needs, id feel like i was using a rock and chisel. =P *my figure drawing teacher almost practically does..he uses only methods the renaissance artists use, like...natural clay/pastels =P *

yay! puppy's calling me! *the boyfriend, not the dog*
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