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i did some art today and yesterday, finished one pic and have 2/3 of another one done. i couldnt bring my commission stuff out here cuz the heat would have totally ruined my supplies not to mention my bristol would have been crushed. also im on vacation. leave me alone ;)

i actually drew kind of a paunchy/sturdy female were. not fat, mind you, but shes now scrawny either.

i think im going to stop doing the were thing. as fun as it is sometimes its just not really taking me anywhere. i think i might pursue other mediums/styles, maybe even do some more fantasy art. everyone keeps asking me to draw faeries anyways *gags and kicks a faerie* i just wish i could draw dragons like DC, she kicks ass =)

not to mention i have to get out of the whole wolf rut. i love wolves, yes, but, theyre becoming a crutch, and im afraid my style has become too influenced by other people and not enough of "myself."

i think i may just have to rebuild myself.

ah well. after i finish up these couple commissions i may venture forth.
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