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i make my coffee so sweet it tastes like hot lucky charms

yesterday the fam and i went on the lake. it was really nice because since it was a sunday, everyone was driving back to LA. ah the joys of leaving monday ;)

btw sorry desertcoyote i didnt get your message until late last night for some reason cuz my phone decided to be a jerk and not give me my messages. >_<

we found a little cove where no one was and the water was this great greenish blue color. we set out the rafts and went snorkling the lazy way *lie on the raft and stick your face in the water with the snorkel pointing up. no swimming required =D *

i saw fishies!! of course i get kinda creeped out knowing theres stuff swimming in the lake....but for some reason im perfectly fine with it when im snorkeling in the ocean. weird...

we hung out in the london bridge channel and got hawaiian shaved ice. i got "mai tai" flavor but changed it to lemon lime cuz it tasted like nothing =P

i started to overheat pretty badly so i had to go to the bathroom and soak my head. i started to seriously feel faint and a bit nauseous *whine*

not to mention my sunscreen washed off so im going to be a crunchy wuff =P

we had lunch in another cove and listened to the Eagles and napped a bit...very peaceful =)

all in all id say it was a good day though. i loooove water =D
*to swim in, not to drink..thats just gross*

hopefully tomorrow i can kidnap tiffany and we can go to olive garden. *mmmm..ravioli*
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