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Happy Birthday Kim!

It was Kim Kirkdorfer's (Bloodhound's) birthday. i thought id maker her a little present =)
Happy Birthday! *huggles*

hope ya like *grin*

In other news, inked Pardo's commission... still managing my time so i can still get classwork done. this week i will only be inking things since it takes less time and i need my hand to write my MANY PAGES OF HOMEWORK so im sorry to those who have commissions. Arbey im almost done with yours, just need a few finishing touches and your mailing address so i can send it on its way. please let me know asap.

here ya go pardo. I took the liberty to add a bag of your favorite cat drug =D. *Look ma! im David Copperfield! I /took/ the /liberty/ ah hah!*

Also, big thank you to WinterWinstar for paying for 2 months of my Live Journal use! *hugs* luv ya buddy *pats* hes such a sweetheart =)

What a nice end to a shitty day. Thanks to all of you who actually attempted to make me feel better. =)
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