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is it good?

Tiff came over the day before. we went to olive garden and stuffed ourselves. *drool* but our waitress kept coming over and asking if everything was good, but i mean..more than she should have. i counted 8 or 9 times she did it during the whole meal, and at least 2 were before we got our salad *maybe she was referring to our drinks?*, and i didnt have any salad....and while tiffany was out in the car getting her sweatshirt, the waitress came over, saw my empty plate and asked "does it taste good?" i said "um. yeah....."

then tiff and i were in the middle of a conversation and she kept interrupting us and asking "is it good?" *grr* you dont know how annoying that is to be interrupted every 10 minutes.
all we can figure is that her boss got mad at her once before for not checking on the customer enough so maybe this time shes overcompensating. *sigh*

we rented some movies and went to palomar so i could check on my transcript for the art class i wanna take. i hate the way palomar is designed. first the main office was closed and said we had to go to trailer B-4 or something like that, so i talked to the lady there and she said i had to go to D -14 to talk to the director of the art department. so we figure.."oh that will be easy to find.just follow the letters and numbers in order and it will lead us to the classroom." wrong.

the B building is next to the F building, the A building is way on the otherside of the campus next to the H building. the C building is way in back and the D building is divided. wtf?! so we finally find the D building...D-14, D-14, not seeing it not seeing it. we see D-2 next to D-41! o_o ooookay..little confused. then D-10 comes next, then we found out that theres more than one D-10, and D-6 has 2 different buildings as well, not to mention D-6A and D-6B. >_< we go down this little hallway thats a bunch of band practice rooms, it was such a scary hallway i seriously felt like i was in a scene from The Shining. *shudder* so anyways, we find D-10 *one of them* and follow the classrooms. we get to D-11 and then it turns into the C building...starting with C-3 >=(
last time i checked "1" was where most things started if youre going for alphanumerical. *growl*
so then we realize...okay...the D's only go up to D-11, with the exception of D-41 which is this totally whacked out classroom out in the middle of nowhere. we check D-41 just in case the woman in the B-4 office is dyslexic.....nope. locked.

so we find a student guide looking for a map but it only tells us the letter blocks of all the buildings rather than the actual classrooms, so that didnt help. finally, were wandering around in the C building and we see this teeny tiny doorway and some artsy fartsy chick walks in...we ask her "where's D-14?" she said " i think its down this hallway..

so she walks in the room and we follow....THERES A WHOLE HIDDEN HALLWAY OF D CLASSROOMS!!!...all...nestled..within...the C...building.....>=(

and after all that the dude isnt there. so i have to go back there today. *grump*

remind me to bite the person who designed this school.

so later on tiff and i got home, ate dinner with dad and june, dad gave us a presentation of his new invention yadda yadda and then we watched Little Nicky. i like that movie. i dont care if its stupid..but whatever. i think i like Dirty Work better though as far as SNL char movies go.

we go to sleep, wake up, decide were much too lazy to go to laguna, so we stay home on our bums and watch Risky Business and Gangs of New York *bill!*

Risky Business sucked ass. i cant exactly pinpoint why but i didnt like it. maybe its cuz i dont like tom cruise...but its something other than that.
that guy from Revenge of the Nerds kinda fouled it up too.

Gangs of New York was still as confusing as ever but i liked it *for the second time*. it was looooong though.

Tiff and i made burgers on the george foreman grill, and later on got jack in the box for dinner.

oh yeah! and Tiff showed me her kickass pictures from spain and she got me some really cool presents! you know those little foil pictures that when the light hits em just right they look all luminous and whatnot? well she got me a sun and a moon..kinda the whole celestial thing, and she got me a silver charm thats in the shape of the Ohm symbol. =) *waggles*

yeah i just woke up. im tired. the end. thanks for hanging out with me Tiff! =D
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