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and so ends an era...

"Delicate One" - a rather clumsy, snaggled female wolf admires the more delicate aspects of nature....

This may be one of my last weres for awhile. i need to branch out and try new things, and while weres are fun to do and you will see them from me from time to time *not to mention i will soon be open for commissions again shortly after my return from NY*, i feel that my original style has been slipping away. i feel that i have become too influenced by other artists as well as the furry community as a whole, and in doing that, i have lost myself.

I may focus on the return of my Muttropolis comics..the first thing that got me excited about the furry fandom in the first place. I've been told that people like my sense of humor and i feel that i can better express myself in the expressive medium of comic artwork.

I may also dabble in fantasy, as i have these brand new watercolors sitting here that are itching to be used. *but if you ask me to draw a faerie i eat your lungs out*

no promises though, ive just become rather disappointed in myself and im trying to get back to where i was as far as art=enjoyment rather than art=work, stress, competition, art theft fodder.

I've learned a lot i think.
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