An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

is being a senior bad?

okay, i thought seniors in highschool were supposed to get benefits. things have changed a LOT since last year

you need to have your parent come in between the hours of 7;30 AM and 3:00 PM to sign a paper saying you can get off campus lunch. most parents go to work =P including mine...

seniors can get more than one period off right? not anymore. theyll make your life hell if you try to get 2 periods off...oh but its perfectly "optional" *rolls eyes*

for some reason this year im hated by my teachers who loved me last year. i think theyre trying to break off ties.

oh yeah...and the dress code is being strictly enforced cuz of the newcoming slutty freshmen..heres just a sample of what we cant do:

no tank tops *sorry thats almost all i have..if you want to buy me a new wardrobe, be my guest*

no open toed shoes *NO! NOT MY BIRKENSTOCKS! please dont take them!! besides theyre all i wear. once me new shoes. hell..this is california i think we have that right*

no short shorts *self explanitory. no one wants to see your ghetto booty hanging out, but for those of us who are tasteful in our attire...this absolutely sucks. meaning..i cant keep cool and wear shorts?*

shirts must have sleeves * rather see someones deodorant cakes under their arms than pit stains on their sleeves thank you*

so yeah thats just some of it but theres LOTS more. ill get the student guide and read you guys a little bedtime story from it when i get the chance. im just a little miffed that my school has become a police state.

i have 6th off, and tomorrow 6th is right after lunch. so that means, since i cant go off campus for lunch..that i have to loiter around school until 6th starts. i cant leave early. how dumb is that???

oh yeah..and the teachers have done nothing but yell at me. i ask a question and they yell at me like ive asked it a million times before and they treat me like a trouble maker. im seriously considering starting a petition.
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