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iiiiiim baaaack!

well im home again from the big apple *which really doesnt seem so big if you stay on staten island the whole time*. flight expected, but this time i considered writing a letter to continental airlines. their flight attendants were exceptionally rude!!!! if you care you can read my complaints but theyre stupid and petty and really not worth it...

so youre interested? =P

i got my boarding pass through an e-ticket machine so i couldnt check my baggage, but it was small enough for a carry on anyways so i went through the metal detectors. i got up to the front desk and asked the lady if i could check my bag, she said i could when we started boarding. when we were boarding, i asked the man who took my ticket if i could check my bag. he goes "PUH!!! NOW???????!! *sigh* FINE!" and yanks my bag away and puts a ticket on it and tells me to put it by the door of the aircraft. im greeted by a large black man stuard who says i dont need to check it, yanks my check ticket off of my bag and shoves it in the door. i said "but sir, i really really need someone to help me lift it into the overhead bin. i would like to check it." he goes "you dont need to. you can do it." >=( for all he knows i could have had an existing hernia and lifting could have made it worse =P

then the drink lady kept skipping over me and never wanted to take my trash, she also gave me my drink after i had finished my meal *sigh*.

and then there were 2 drunk guys sitting behind me calling me a whore and poking me and blowing on my arm and stuff. i wanted to stab them with my fork..but that would be a violation of airline policy. they may give you a plastic knife, but as long as the fork is metal, it can make a decent weapon =P

im not going to write a letter. i just like to pretend im going to to sound tough...but whats that really going to solve? its not like i remember all of their names..just one...and even then good luck tracking them to fire them. who even cares, i know i dont. =P

Tav and i got to meet Fen and Mas, got my little Thorn and Engel plushies and got to see all their stuff =) twas very fun, and Fen bought me an adorable Triceratops hatching out of an egg christmas ornament, very collectable and very perdy =D

oh yeah...and i still hate Jersey with a passion. those jughandle left turns can bite my furry white ass.

Tavis and i miss each other already though *sigh and swoon* may update later, but right now im going to go sulk and sleep..might talk to kurawolf a little he just popped online.

Tavis i miss you!!!! AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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