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want a conbadge?

at this time i would like to announce that any further commissions will be offered up at auction from now on. random originals are a different story, which i may or may not just post for sale here on LJ *since i have no website. poop* the reason for this is because school is coming up very quickly and knowing me, if i get a commission offer, ill most likely take it before thinking of my schedule, so this is a way to slow down the flow and have less work ahead of me by doing full blown color pics as opposed to little sketch projects here and there that eat up my time i could be using to do homework. *wow that was a runon sentence, which is why im an art major not an english major* thank you for your cooperation, and any questions or concerns can be expressed to me via e-mail. i currently have 2 commissions in the lineup at the moment, and that is for Sepp and kaffe. but i would also like to state that when you commission me, i do have the right to take my time, unless you have a specific deadline for me which means youll be bumped up to "priority" although i dont really like to do that for personal reasons. even though i do take my time, i always send progress reports and/or sketches, so i will not leave you hanging. remember, i AM a student and i do have homework and work, but you will get your commission as quickly as possible, promise =)

also, i would like to know who has original art "held" for them because its getting harder and harder to keep it on hold any longer due to lack of space. as far as i remember i think dragoncreator had the catdragon held but i want to make sure theres no one else. did anyone have the coyote pic reserved? cuz if not im going to put it up for grabs....

thanks guys!
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