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i dont get it. i dont want to go to havasu. i just got back from NY and i would very much like to not sit in a car for 4 1/2 hours because i just sat on a plane for 7 hours yesterday. im going to get a bloodclot i swear...

i even told dad i didnt want to go, but he's like "its the last trip of the season". yeah but...i dont want to go, period. i have to get my books. he stressed me out yesterday about getting my books for college before all the used ones are gone, now were leaving so i have no way of getting them anyway? not to mention were coming back early so i can go to LA on the 17th with the if theyre going to have to come back early on the count of me anyways, why dont they just leave me here? ill see the cove next time. ill sweat in the hot sun next time. ill park my butt in front of the big screen tv next time...why cant i just sit out this time? even April said that June was talking about me having a why cant i have a choice?

....i havasu..all..the...time.

*growls* i really really dont want to go this time, is that too much to ask?! *sigh*

now hes saying hell be here at 2 or 3 and i still have to finish the laundry cuz it messed up. for some reason it didnt rinse the soap off the clothes so i had to wash a load twice >=(

what happened to making school and work a priority anyways? i have an opportunity to see a friend of the family about mural painting as a potential job, yet i have to put that on hold cuz of havasu. i have an opportunity to go down to Palomar and get my books, but i have to put that on hold cuz of havasu. its and work are priorities UNLESS it involves havasu.

now that my cars in the shop and wont be out until tuesday i wouldnt have any transportation anways *growls and stomps*

im not in a good mood. i hate planes. i hate cars. i hate sitting for long hours unless im doing the driving and making the stops.

*wants to cry*
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