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water logged and out of power

in case youre wondering about your friends in canada and the east coast, they have no electricity whatsoever and phone signals have been acting funny. just talked to a worried little wuffy boy about it, and from now on im taking my phone with me on the boat =P *hugs her mate and is glad to hear from him* hes safe at grandma's house thank god. *whine*

today dad, june, me, april, april #2, katie and joy went out on the boat to a secret cove we found to go snorkeling. TONS of bluegills everywhere! we fed them crackers and watched them swarm. there were even some catfish too! it was all fun and games until the fish started trying to eat me. and dont let anyone tell you that fish bites dont hurt...cuz they DO! *cept koi...those just tickle*
kinda makes me rethink my standings on scuba diving and im thinking about giving it another shot..keyword "thinking" about it....*nervous*

oh yeah, a question that maybe desertcoyote might know the answer to: how come the wild burros here are auburn with white bellies but everywhere else theyre the regular sandy grey color? are they a different subspecies or is it just a trait that exists within this certain area?

the donkeys were braying as we were snorkeling. theyre so cute! =D

all in all it was a good day, but im still kinda worried about Tavis. at least hes safe at his grandma's house with flashlights and a portable mini TV. *sigh*
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