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Today, Thorn DYED! - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Today, Thorn DYED!
Her hair that is. Damn. pulled that one on Tavis, he freaked.
here was his message on my phone:
Nicole havent gotten in touch with you today...cant seem to get ahold of you, kinda worried you may be hurt or something. call back please. love you, byebye.

First thing i said to him:
Nicole has DYED! ...*her hair*
Tavis: ....... dont do that.. *heart jumps*

prob about having a long distance relationship is if they dont check in you have no idea where the hell they are and if they get hurt theres no way of you finding out. thats why were so...nervous i guess is the word? i dunno

bad me. sorry tav =P

Beware my sea monkey!!!! he hates Econ too.

i just defined 3 pages FRONT AND BACK of words and also answered the 15 questions that went along with them. yeah. thats a first week homework assignment for econ. *sigh*

Tiffalynx pulled a good one today. checked missed calls on my cell and saw that her house number had called. Called it, got her non-english speaking grandma, so i just said id call later. Called Tiff's cell and she sounded all exhasperated *dont wanna know*

Niko: Hey tiff, whats up? you call?
Tiff: no, why?
Niko: your house number called
Tiff: oh shit! its prolly my mom
Niko: um.....why?
Tiff: cuz i told her i was with you.
Niko: way to tell me! =D
Tiff: I thought youd be mad...
Niko: youre just lucky your grandma only speaks Chinese

of course Tiff was with her new love interest, Tony, which is totally cool. Thing is, she was afraid to tell me she was using me as an alibi. I dont want her to get in trouble either, and what reason would i have to get mad? do i honestly seem like that kinda wuff? *pats Tiff* sok Tiff, love does strange things to people =D

Got yelled at by my former art teacher today. Yesterday i came in to visit and see Tiff cuz i have photography 5th period and we dont do a damn thing in Photo. he lets us wander the school. Snid got mad at me and shooed me away. Then today he came to my animation class to lecture me some more. I dunno why. i wasnt bothering anyone, and it was near the end of class. =P
Then, he told my photo teacher, Walker, so i got a lecture from him too. not a mean one, just a boring one. *sigh* why do my former teachers hate me so?

God, scooby doo is dumb now that ive watched nearly every episode =P all the same stuff..and yet, theyre gonna make a new series called "What Next Scooby Doo?" therse already like 18 other shows =P

oh yeah..theyre making Osmosis Jones into a saturday morning cartoon *groan* why must they ruin an awesome movie???!

i hate that. =P

Where the hell is my mate? *growrf!* i need sweet talk before i go to bed....it soothes the nerves. *is tired*

oh yeah, and if CW were a soda, hed be Mellow Yellow. =)

Current Mood: silly silly
Current Music: Tenacious D - Tribute

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pardouncia From: pardouncia Date: August 31st, 2002 10:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Modern cartoons are beginning to annoy me. There's no originallity left in the world. At least furry stories have some originallity, but that's because they're usually written by average people with "new" ideas. What a thought. Fanfics are good, too. I'm with you, Thorn. After watching Scooby on Cartoon Network for a while, I'm beginning to despise the show.
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